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History of Institute

The institute is founded in 1951 in composition Bashkir Branch of Academy of Sciences of the USSR. In 1951-1957 as Agrobiological Institute, in 1957-1961 as Biological, since 1961 - Institute of Biology.

In 1951-1956. The institute carried out researches on agrobiology with account of handing over of results in 1-3 years (director Sh.A.Gaisin).

Within becoming theoretical researches (1957-1961 - director V.G.Konarev) research on biochemistry and physiology of plants, learning of soil genesis, implicating (involving) in culture of useful (beneficial) plants etc. have developed.

Institute headed since 1962 to 1980 by V.K.Girfanov, and since 1981 to 1985 by R.R.Ahmetov.

Research Fields

Physico-chemical, biotechnological and ecological.

Main Results

The outlines of the not canonical theory of a heredity are constructed, the new physiological mechanisms of phytohormonal regulation are detected.

The initial genetic materials for selection of cereals, drugs for medicine (cyclodextrines) and agriculture (bacispecin, methophen, gliphen etc.) are obtained.

The complex of programs for optimization of agrolandscapes, studies on reproduction of vegetative resources and soil fertility at zonal-ecological aspects, are developed.

Scientific Schools and Staff

In Institute the founders of scientific schools professors V.K.Girfanov, M.N.Burangulova, Yu.Z.Kulagin, L.I.Sergeev worked.

The schools develop:
In the field of botany and ecology under the direction of the professors B.M.Mirkin, E.V.Kucherov,
in soil science - F.Kh.Khaziev;
Physico-chemical biology and biotechnology - R.N.Churaev;
Physiology of plants - V.K.Trapeznikov, G.R.Kudoyarova.

The institute has preformed 18 Full Doctors and 150 Candidates of Sciences (PhD).

In Institute 75 scientific employees, from them 9 Doctors, including two corresponding members of Ac.Sci. of Bashkortostan, 35 Candidates of Sciences.

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